Awake and Aware Mindfulness Retreat – Passed

Saturday, May 27th

10am – 4:30pm

Fee: $40 + dana (donation)

Registration Closed

This retreat will focus on the practice of mindfulness (Sati) as it is described in the Satipatthana Sutta – a Discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness – the foundational teaching upon which our modern mindfulness movement rests. Join us in this beautiful setting for a full day of practice, cultivating our own capacity to be awake & aware, while sharing our practice with others.

This retreat is suitable for all levels of practice, however some meditation experience is suggested. Our retreat will be held in noble silence and will include alternating periods of guided and silent meditations, walking meditation, instructions & reflections, with a mid-day lunch break to practice mindful eating. Silence will be maintained throughout the day. Bring your lunch, wear comfortable clothing, and bring any appropriate props you will need for your sitting meditation practice.
We’ll be gathering at the newly opened Yoga House at Rising Fawn Gardens, Georgia. This beautiful 600-acre farm is nestled between the natural boundaries of Lookout Creek and the western slope of Lookout Mountain.

Registration for this meditation retreat is $40 and is limited to 25 participants. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive detailed instructions & directions with a short form to complete. Dana is the ancient Pali word for generosity and is the practice of offering donations to the teachers. For questions, please email: & to read more about the instructors, visit the website below:

Registration Closed