Living with Equanimity – A Daylong Retreat – Passed

Living with Equanimity

A Daylong Retreat with Janka
September 9th, 10:00am – 4:30pm

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This daylong retreat will focus on the practices of mindfulness and equanimity. 

“Equanimity is likened to the eye of a storm – offering refuge from fear and reactivity while maintaining a calm, engaged presence. Equanimity is the protector of wisdom and compassion, relieving anxiety in the face of uncertainty – while supporting the ability to live in peace and forgiveness with that which cannot be changed.” – DaeJa Napier

The retreat will be held in noble silence and will include alternating periods of siting and walking meditation, instructions and reflections, with a mid-day lunch break to practice mindful eating. The schedule will also include an optional discussion period to reflect on how to skillfully apply the wisdom of the practice in our daily life. This retreat is suitable for all levels of practice, however some meditation experience is suggested.

We’ll be gathering at the newly opened Yoga House at Rising Fawn Gardens, Georgia. This beautiful 600-acre farm is nestled between the natural boundaries of Lookout Creek and the western slope of Lookout Mountain.  The walking meditation can be done outdoors.

Bring your lunch, wear comfortable clothing, and bring any appropriate props you will need for your sitting meditation practice. Rising Fawn has yoga mats, large bolsters and blankets. 

Registration fee: $35
The registration fee covers only the rental of the Yoga House.

There will be an opportunity to offer Dana to the teacher at the end of the retreat (financial contributions in the form of a check or cash).

Dana is the time-honored etic and tradition of expressing gratitude through generosity that Janka is dedicated to keeping alive by freely offering the teachings and her guidance. What this means is that she receives no compensation for teaching retreats, and relies instead on the generosity of retreat participants. Your contributions will help Janka continue to lead a life devoted to teaching. Your gifts also allow her to take time for her own practice, ensuring that her teachings are continuously enriched.

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There are two work-study scholarships available for those in need. Please call Janka at 423-488-5406 to inquire.

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