payne park & pavilion is a place of learning and laughter

Payne Pavilion, with its balcony view of Lookout Creek, provides a charming venue for open air events, both celebratory and educational, and is available from April to October.

Payne Park & Pavilion

The Pavilion is a large covered gathering area featuring a full renovated kitchen, bathrooms, ceiling fans, as well as a raised stage for entertainment and presentations. Also available are 14 wooden tables which are 8 feet in length, 90 folding chairs, and 2 wooden children’s tables with matching wooden stools. The surrounding park includes picnic tables, a gazebo, a playground, and adjacent green spaces suitable for games and other outdoor activities. A picturesque wooden bridge provides the perfect staging for photos or just a better look. Camping is an option for overnight guests renting this facility. With the capacity to accommodate up to 150 people and complete with ample parking, Payne Pavilion and Park together create an ideal location for weddings, reunions, and festive gatherings.